How Often to Change a Cabin Air Filter

Hand removing cabin air filter


If you’re like most Winder drivers, you probably don’t give the cabin air filter in your car much thought. But did you know that it needs to be changed regularly? What does a cabin air filter do? What does a cabin air filter cost? The team at our service center wants to help you keep your car running smoothly. So, we go into detail about these filters below and talk about how often to change a cabin air filter.

What Does a Cabin Air Filter Do?

So, what does a cabin air filter do, exactly? All the air that flows through the vents in your climate control system needs to be cleaned. That’s the role of the cabin air filter. And that is why it is very important to change the cabin air filter at regular intervals if you have respiratory problems.

How Much Does a Cabin Air Filter Cost?

Maintenance costs are one of those annoyances we put up with when owning a car. So, how much does a cabin air filter cost? Cabin air filters generally range from less than $30 to upwards of $60 for the more premium types. But check out our parts specials to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

How Often to Change a Cabin Air Filter

Your owner’s manual is the best authority on how often to change the cabin air filter in your specific car. So, be sure to check it. But, once every 15,000 miles or once a year, whichever comes first, is typically a good rule of thumb for most cars. And you may have to do it more often during the Monroe pollen season. And you should replace it if you notice odd smells coming from your vents, regardless of when it was changed last.

Trust Your Car to the Experts at Phil Hughes Honda of Athens

Our trained service professionals know cabin air filters. Why not let them handle it? You can even schedule an appointment online. And feel free to take advantage of our service specials. We’re just a short drive away from Watkinsville. So, drop by or contact us today!


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